Admission Assitance

There are many complications that the students struggle with when applying for international study programs.

Wondering how?

Well here are the basic statistics there are more than 8-10 different countries that are in high demand for their wide array of courses and degree programs available for international students. Every course that they offer have different areas of specialization and each one sounds interesting enough to be applied for.

With multiple and interesting options like these on hand how are the students supposed to zero down on just course that will prove to be the one for them. How are they supposed to select that one university out of the lot which will not just be beneficial for them academically but will also fit their budget just right?

Another main concern that majority of students have is the financial aid available for the study abroad degree programs that they are applying for.

Which particular course will be compatible with the current academic profile or which specialization will turn out to be the right decision for their career ahead?

Questions and more like these are a common part of the entire process of applying for international degree programs.

Well concerns and confusions like these can be put to rest as we at Ahead Overseas have everything sorted for the Indian students applying for international study programs.

At Ahead Overseas our expert team of researchers are constantly on the lookout for the top universities offering the current most popular bachelor as well as master degree programs. We even have a constantly updated database that has every bit of information that the Indian students might need or are in search for. We even offer the best and the most trusted recommendations for the financial aid that the students can apply for their study programs abroad.

The information provided by us at Ahead Overseas also helps the students in selecting the most compatible degree program based on the current academic profile of theirs. This way they can be assured to make the most of the international degree program that they are applying for and make it a complete success by the end of the degree program.

SOP Assistance:

SOP is the statement of purpose or the statement of intent as it is popularly known as. The SOP is one of the most important documentation part of the study abroad application form. If the SOP of the student is good enough the admission process is further simplified. Most of the candidates with a good SOP report have received positive admission feedback from the international universities. Poorly done SOP is also known as one of the main causes for admission rejection. Preparing the most accurate SOP requires skill and expertise so that the students can expect a positive feedback from the universities that they are keen on applying for.

This is where the need to hire a professional counsellor as us at Ahead Overseas can prove to be beneficial for students.

At Ahead Overseas our team of experts offer the students with the best with their SOP report which includes:

  • Following, Checking & Revaluating SOP Guidelines
  • SOP Dos and Don’ts
  • Sample Copy of SOP

The above mentioned SOP guidance provided by us at Ahead Overseas will help the students in having an accurate and positive SOP to submit with their application form. This also helps in speeds up the admission process for the students.


Recommendations are the second and the next crucial step in the admission process.

A well briefed recommendation letter can help the students in improving their admission status. The recommendation letter is what that either strengthens the status of the admission or weakens it.

At Ahead Overseas we offer best support by suggesting a few key points that needs to be followed to avail the right recommendation letter. Our experts extend their help by suggesting edits if the recommendation letters requires it.

Few Pointers that are suggested by us for a Well Briefed Recommendation Letter are as follows:

  • Who Should Recommend
  • The Content of Recommendations
  • The result based on the content of the recommendation letter
  • The right amount of recommendations that can be submitted
  • Which is the strongest of all recommendations

The students can expect to this in depth service for free only at Ahead Overseas.

Basic Formalities of the Admission Process:

One of the most complicated and time consuming step in the study abroad program is the admission process. There are many formalities and steps that are needed to be followed during and after the admission process.

The Few Important Ones are mentioned below:

  • Deadline of the Specific Department
  • Deadline of the Diploma/Graduate/College/University
  • Information & Updates of the Pre-Requisite Test Results (TOEFL, GRE,GMAT,IELTS)
  • Application Fees & Payment Formalities
  • Timely Submission of the Admission Documents
  • To Stay Updated about the Current Admission Status

We at Ahead Overseas ensure keeping a track of most of these admission formalities and update the students about the same. This way the students can keep a regular track about their admission status without having to worry about doing it themselves. This service provided us helps the students in having a error free study abroad admission process.

Expert Assistance for the Scholarship Programs:

Scholarship programs and financial support are only applicable for students who have excelled in their respective colleges or universities. These benefits can only be availed by the meritorious students.

There are a few universities and government organizations that offer grant or scholarship programs for the international students based on their merit and skills.

This is exactly where we use our expert knowledge and research skills and scout out the information for the students so that they can make the most of these additional benefits. The team at Ahead Overseas provides the Indian students with all the necessary guidance and support which will further help them financially and most importantly academically.

The students can expect to get all the updated information at Ahead Overseas about the list of universities and organizations offering scholarship programs and also about their eligibility status for them.